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100g - 3 pack Tasting Sample Set

100g - 3 pack Tasting Sample Set


This set is best recommended for customers who are new to Yagam Coffee!
Comes with 3 packs of different kinds of our Cordillera Single Origin best-seller coffee, this is definitely a must try!

Grind Size
Roast Level
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    Yagam Coffee is shade-grown Arabica coffee planted by indigenous farmers living in the highlands of the Cordillera, Philippines. Have a sip and enjoy the different taste and aroma of our Single Origin Coffee!

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    We ship via J&T Express.

    Shipping fee depends on the weight of the package.

  • Roast Levels

    1. Light roasts (It has bright orange-like acidity and sugarcane like sweetness that is striking. The body is light.)
    2. Medium roasts (In this roasting, the body is increased and there is a good balance between sweetness with a hint of acidity.)
    3. Medium-Dark roasts (The middle level between medium roast and dark roast)
    4. Dark roasts (The firm bitterness and sweetness in the aftertaste are pleasant. It has a light body and a crisp bitter taste.)
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