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Coffee and Sustainability: Lessons and Tips for Farmers

Coffee and Sustainability: Lessons and Tips for Farmers


Illustrated and Resources by Eko Purnomowidi, Abyatar  

Written by Hector Kawig

Edited by Dumay Solinggay
Published by Cordillera Green Network


This booklet talks about sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production and marketing capacity building through fair trade (Fair Plus, a non-profit organization, and the Global Environment Fund). Consists of how to plant Arabica coffee through agroforestry for reforestation and improving the lives of indigenous Our facilitator were Eko from Klasik Beans Cooperative in Indonesia (Purnomowidi) and Abi (Abyatar), they visited the Philippines twice already. Eco's presentation was colorful and fun, full of hand-drawn illustrations. Eco, who continues to grow coffee all over Indonesia, was able to communicate with farmers even if they didn't speak the same language. They have been improving and creating instructional materials as the project went along.. The were able to visit only a few community during their stay, thus this booklet was created to able to convey and pass on the knowledge to more farmers. The booklet was edited by Hector Kawig, who was in charge of coordination.