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Coffee Handbook for Farmers: Proper Nursery Construction

Coffee Handbook for Farmers: Proper Nursery Construction



"Proper Pruning and Rejuvenation'"


Written by: Hirofumi YamamotoEdited

by: Hector KawigBook

Design/ Printing:
Published by: Cordillera Green Network

These booklets include ways on improving Quality of Arabica Coffee in Mountainous Regions. These were produced then distributed to the farmers after. The author, Mr. Hirofumi Yamamoto, wrote the book in an easy-to-understand format for farmers.
There are many old coffee trees in the mountains of Cordillera which are believed to be more than 50 years old. This handbook serves as instructions on how to rejuvenate pruning, cutting back old trees, and how to take care of saplings. We have also published a handbook on building a nursery that will enable farmers to produce quality coffee. We continue to distribute them during workshops and in production sites.