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HARIO V60 Coffee Dripper (PP)

HARIO V60 Coffee Dripper (PP)


Widely recognized around the world, the Hario V60 dripper for pour over.

For 1-4 cups with a mesuring spoon. 


Color: white
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  • Product Information

    ARTICLE NO:  VD-02


    Dripper  W137 × D116× H102mm

    Mesuring spoon 12g 

    CAPACITY:   1-4 cups  

    MATERIAL : Polypropylene


  • Features of the products

    1. Cone Shape

    By coning the dripper the ground coffee are in thicker layer. The water flows to the center, extending the amount of time it is in contact with the grounds. Better flavor even in a small number of serving and more ground coffee extraction.

    2.Large Single Hole

    A large single hole in the bottom allows the tip of filter to drop from the dripper. The flavor changes by the speed the water flows, letting the brewer determine the taste. 

    3.Spiral Ribs

    The twisted ribs prevent the paper and the dripper from sticking, letting the air through and allowing the grounds to expand adequately. This promotes a smooth extraction.

  • How to brew with HARIO V60

  • Product Care

    Heatprrof tempareture 120 ℃