Yagam Coffee

Ifugao Wood Carved Coffee Scoop

Ifugao Wood Carved Coffee Scoop


This is a coffee measuring scoop made by our Ifugao indigenous wood carvers.

Each scoop is handmade, so each one is a little different in size, but it holds 8-10 grams of ground coffee at a time. The scoop is not varnished or lacquered to avoid affecting the flavor of the coffee, it is finished with 100% natural walnut oil.


Handcrafted in the Philippines


  • Product Care

    Hand wash with warm, soapy water and allow to fully air-dry. Do not leave immersed in water. When the surface becomes dry, apply walnut oil, olive oil or Perilla oil to the surface with a soft cloth.

  • Product Information

    Design by SISAM Fairtrade & Design, Kyoto, Japan 

    Holds 8-10gm of ground coffee.

    Material: Planted Philippine Mahogany (Meranti) 

    Due to the nature of locally foraged wood, each scoop will vary in colour and grain pattern.

    Finished with Walnut oil.

    3 x 11cm approx.