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Itneg Handwoven Reversible Coaster

Itneg Handwoven Reversible Coaster


These are individually sewn reversible coasters handwoven and embroidered by the Namarabar Indigo Natural Dye Producers Cooperative of Peñarrubia with School of Living Tradition in Abra.


Each set comes with 2 of these beautifully created reversible coasters. Perfect for 

coffee cups and cold brew glasses. 


Size: 10cm x 10cm

Material: Handwoven cotton-poly blend


  • Product Info

    These coaster are created by the Namarabar Indigo Natural Dye Producers Cooperative of Peñarrubia, Abra. The main feature of these handwoven coasters are the embroidery of various motifs. Each motif has its own meaning, such as frogs for procreation, lizards for prosperity, eagles for tribal harmony, horses and stars for wealth and power, mountains, rivers, and rice plants for the Abra landscape, and many others.

  • Product Care

    Hand wash and air dry or machine-wash on gentle cycle.

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