Yagam Coffee

Sunflower Honey

Sunflower Honey


Sweeten your cup of Yagam Coffee with Goldwell Sunflower Honey!

The calorie content of honey is 80% of that of sugar, but its sweetness is almost five times that of sugar. For this reason, it is possible to sweeten coffee with a small amount of honey, and as a result, adding honey is better for your health than sugar! 

  • Note:

    -Honey is not suitable for babies one-year-old and below

    -Honey granulates naturally from 10-25 degrees C°. To restore its liquid form, place jar in a pan of warm water until melted.

  • Product Info

    Net Vol. 320g
    Ingredients: 100% Honey
    Processed by SLU EISSIF, Baguio City